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City racing is a stylish car racing installment where people can enjoy one of the finest circuit and sprint races. There are more than sixteen cars, which our players can enjoy any time at anyplace that is the main reason everyone is fond of this wonderful series just play it to have some fun in your life because without it life is very bad and boring. My youngest brother loves to drive vehicles he firstly starts playing it and after that, he buys his brand new car with the awesome roofs + tires. This creation has been developed and is publisher under the banner of Internal Game Studio. It was released on July 16th, 1998 and all the hidden secrets were revealed after it gets released in PC. When our player wins the race he gets gold and with that coins he can buy anything from the shop. Some tasks are very easy even a kid can clear them easily, but others are very hard you just need to become a professional player to play this installment because the handling will become very tough as you move to forward stages. Gallardo is very stylish vehicle available in this series with that our player can win all races in a given time it also has nitro oxide that will help us for a great victory just enjoy everything to have some fun in life. We also giving london racer 2 for PC get it now.

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Info Of City Racing

At the beginning of the installment people can face many problems like to control a car is not an easy task at all. There will be too much building and traffic that will distract our player, but a true driver can easily clear every challenge the vehicle should be upgraded first. It includes some button, which you need to use in a technical way up key is for speed down key will slow your car left and right keys are also available for us. Space button is used for drifting and it is the main thing with that people doesn’t need to slow down his car he just has to use this button and keep racing. As a child my wish was to get a good and nice computer, but at that time we were not rich and can’t afford it after all my struggle in my life today I bought a brand new PC myself and can play latest installments without wasting my time. City racing added some new features that will totally clear our mind one of them is signal system, which is a very new thing in it red light is to stop, when yellow light comes you should be ready and green light signs to move forward. This is not a multiplayer creation, which means there will be no LAN system in it, but it’s one of the superb time pass game in offline believe me after playing it once you will become fan of it as my all cousins play it day and night in their computers.

The visual effects are amazing and imposing these are some vehicles, which will help us win the given races Ferrari F50, Lotus Elise GT1, Tombstone and Bomber BTS you can play with all of them. The game is not very famous, but it will give us a great joy once my friend was playing it in his computer I firstly watch this series there and from that time I decided to play it on my PC. Upgrading vehicle is necessary if your car is not upgraded than you have very less chance to win any race and this is the only way to beat your opponents just use this technique to take a great victory.

System Requirements Of City Racing

There will be 1000% true requirements for city racing and you must fulfill these things because the game will not run in your computer without it. So watch all the requirements carefully and I will show step-by-step process and all types of methods.

Minimum Requirements Of City Racing

  • RAM : 128 MB
  • Processor : 1.4 GHz
  • Windows : XP,Vista,98
  • Graphics card : 64 MB

Recommended Requirements Of City Racing

  • Graphics card : 96 MB
  • RAM : 256 MB
  • Windows : 7,8,8.1 and 10
  • Hard Disk Space : 26.52 MB
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick

These Problems May Occur During Installation?

(1): Missing DLL Files

DLL is dynamic-link library it mostly occurs when some files are missing in Microsoft windows, but I am providing a solution for it. There will be completed guide of how can you evade from this error just stay tuned on my website and follow the given instructions.

(2): Game Has Stopped Working

This is the main error, which occurs when you are trying to run the installment in your computer then suddenly this error is shown. It’s due to your windows is not supporting the game, but in windows 7 64 bits every creation will work 100% so just use that in your PC.

(3): MSVCR110.dll Is Missing

It occurs when you are trying to run the game then a dialogue is appeared that Msvcr110.dll is missing in your computer. Its solution is to install Visual C++ I will also provide this software to you just believe in us then everything will be all right.

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